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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quick Thoughts - Micromanagement

I read an article this week by Suzanne Lucas titled "Why Don't Companies Get Rid of Micro-Managers?"(read the full article here).  The first part of my career, I worked under a couple managers who had this type of management style.  Looking back at this time in my career, I do understand the need for a little micromanagement when an employee is new to a company or new to the workforce.  I believe it is truly the good managers who know when it is time to let their employees loose and trust them to make the right decisions.  In my current position, it is my fear of losing my job if I am not keeping up with the tasks assigned to me.  In my opinion, managers who micro-manage their employees are incapable of flexing to meet the needs of their individual employees.

Everyone skips to the beat of their own tune, some of us need the structure of micromanagement while others will not flourish until they are set free and given the ability to fail.  If you are not failing then you are are not learning, if you are not learning then you are not growing, and if you are not growing then what is the point?

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