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Saturday, July 13, 2013

5 Steps to a Great Candidate Recruiter Relationship

I have come across many blogs that have expressed a distrust as well as a dislike for the recruiting profession. I will admit, we do have some rotten eggs in our industry, but this can be said in any other profession as well. Is it really necessary to put a whole group of people into one category just because of a few bad apples? The relationship between a recruiter and a candidate goes both ways, and I am not oblivious to the fact that FEEDBACK is the key relationship builder for candidates!! This CareerBuilder survey does an excellent job of summing this up.  Feedback in some form is a very simple request, and I know all recruiters will struggle at times to complete this task. On the flip side, we as a recruiting community have a lot more needs when it comes to developing a good solid working relationship.

1.) Have the right skill set for our client: Recruiters will call you because we feel you have the right background for what our client is looking for. I added this into the criteria, because your skill set is what will entice us to call you in the first place. The relationship needs to start somewhere right?

2.) Do not hide information: You know what I'm referring to here! That little piece of information in the back of your mind that you are debating on weather to share it or not...SHARE IT! In most cases we will figure it out anyway, and it is best to be honest up front. Being dishonest in anything will result in distrust, and distrust is not a good foundation for a solid relationship. 

3.) Say what you mean, and mean what you say: If you say you are going to call us a certain time, then call us at that time. If you say you are going to go on the interview with the client, then go on the interview. If you say you will take the job, then follow through and take the job. If you say you will show up for work on your first day, then please show up for work on that day. I think you get the point...

4.) Do not expect us to take on full responsibility of finding you a job: The reality is that we work with a lot of candidates, and we are paid by the clients we work with and work for. I am someone who loves to help someone out, but I will never take full responsibility for finding you a job. This is a partnership, and it needs to be treated as such. Recruiters can make the initial introduction and connection, but it is up to you to land the opportunity.

5.) Do not quit at the first sign of more money: If you are quick to leave for the first job offer with more money, then you will be quick to burn bridges. Those who chase money will eventually lose in the long run.  The local labor communities are small, and you never know when you will need to rely on someone to provide a good reference for you.

Doesn't seem fair right? Candidates just ask for timely feedback, and we recruiters have 5 steps for a good working relationship.  Nothing brings me more satisfaction then helping my fellow human, but it is a two way street.

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