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Friday, March 15, 2013

The 4 Interview Questions You Need to Prepare For

A while back I came across an article regarding interviewing, and how all interviews can be summed up by four main questions.  As a staffing professional, I am very often asked how best to prepare for an interview.  When I am asked this question, I always go back to these four questions.  All four of these will be asked of you during any interview, and it is very important you prepare to answer these.

1.)   Why are you here?

a.     No one is going to ask you this straight out, but it is something good to consider before going in for an interview.  What skill do you have that will allow you to be successful in the position you are applying for?

2.)   What are you able to do for us?

a.     This is very closely related to question #1.  You obviously have a set of skills that have brought you to this interview, and now it is time to speak about how these skills can benefit the company.  In order to prepare for an interview, you need to understand what you are able to do for a company.

3.)   Will you fit in?

a.     No matter the position you are interviewing for, this is a VERY important question to the team and manager. 

b.    You may have all the skills in the world, but you will not get the job if the manager feels you will cause confilct in his/her already producing team.

c.     This can also go the other way.  The interview is a great opportunity for you to look at the team, and ask Will I fit in?

4.)   What makes you better than the other candidates I have interviewed?

a.     This question was very relevant during the great recession, but still holds true today. 

b.    This can be brought back to the small things during an interview; Dressing to impress, good communication, professionalism, following up with a thank you letter, etc…

It’s the smaller things during the interview process that will set you apart from the competition.  You should always show up to the interview over prepared, as this will show your enthusiasm and interest in the company as well as the position.

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